Cloud DMZ Perimeter
Enterprise Global spending on information security exceeded $75.4 billion in 2015, an increase of 4.7 percent over 2014, according to Gartner, driven in part by high-profile data breaches. Mega-breaches like those at Target, Sony, Home Depot, OPM and others help security departments get greater buy-in and bigger budgets. After the Target breach, 61 percent of organizations increased their security budgets by an average of 34 percent in 2014, according to a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute on behalf of Identity Finder, LLC. Organizations are more aware of data breaches, but many continue to invest in network perimeter solutions that have failed to keep cyber criminals out.
The network perimeter fails to fulfill its mission
Unfortunately, most of the money spent by enterprises on security is targeted at shoring up a perimeter that was built in a time where the majority of users were inside the physical enterprise. Enterprises now operate with an “Outside-In” access model, where most users – badged employees, contractors and third parties – gain access to cloud and on-premise corporate network and computing resources. Despite the addition of a wide variety of sophisticated security appliances, security detection approaches and remediation techniques, the network perimeter fails to fulfill its mission of keeping the bad guys out of the enterprise infrastructure. And the need to build more DMZs and continue to add software and hardware is becoming expensive, ineffective and unwieldy for IT teams.
Enterprise Application Access provides a Cloud DMZ service
Approaching the problem in a fundamentally different way, Enterprise Application Access provides a Cloud DMZ service that enables access to applications without the need for external hardware or software. Enterprise Application Access effortlessly enables a centralized, clientless approach for employee and contractor access to corporate applications in data centers and hybrid cloud environments. Enterprise Application Access' unique dual-cloud architecture closes all inbound firewall ports, while providing authenticated end users access to only their authorized applications. Enterprise Application Access conveniently integrates data path protection, identity access, application security, and management. Managing and controlling third party access becomes simple and uncluttered.

And with the elimination of complexity comes fundamentally better security. Putting you back in control, the Enterprise Application Access cloud-based service removes the chronic pain suffered by IT teams associated with building and managing access. Enterprise Application Access is easy to deploy, provision, change and monitor. Enterprise Application Access removes all the complexity; no device software, no software upgrades or updates, and no additional hardware. User management difficulties – from on boarding to off boarding – is a breeze. As a central point of entry and control, Enterprise Application Access provides a single management pane for detailed audit, visibility, control and compliance reporting. The result is painless secure, access.