Application Access is the New
Remote Access
Today, enterprises provide remote access to their internal corporate applications in much the same way they did twenty years ago. But in a world dominated by enterprise digital ecosystems, cloud applications and mobile users, IT needs agility to rapidly respond to organizational and user requirements, as well as provide secure remote application access to employees, contractors, customers, and partners. Old school VPNs, proxies and remote desktop technologies just don’t cut it anymore.
Simple, Secure Remote Access
Enterprise Application Access is a simple and secure approach for providing remote access to internal applications hosted behind the firewall.
Application Access, not Network Access
Enterprise Application Access is the industry’s only perimeter service that locks down all inbound firewall ports while providing end users access to only their specific applications without VPNs. In contrast, VPNs overly broad network-wide access, giving entrée to applications and compute infrastructure beyond a typical user’s day-today requirements. Enterprise Application Access separates an organization’s infrastructure from the Internet, minimizes the application attack surface and hides applications from public Internet exposure. Enterprise Application Access also integrates data path protection, identity access, application security and management visibility and control into a single solution.

With Enterprise Application Access, IT gets a centralized managed solution that does not require external hardware or software or network configuration changes. It is easy to deploy, provision, change and monitor.  Managing and controlling employee and third party access becomes simple and uncluttered. The elimination of the complexity also results in fundamentally better security.
Enterprise Application Access is PCI Compliant
Enterprise Application Access is PCI compliant, offering e-commerce and physical retail customers the most secure infrastructure environment possible for processing and transmitting cardholder data.
Deploy in Minutes
Enterprise Application Access can be deployed as an application’s first line of defense in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of build-it-yourself solutions. The result is a secure access delivery model that enables a zero CapEx, low OpEx model for critical workloads deployed in any environment.