Enterprise Application Access
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Broad Application Support
Enterprise Application Access features secure access features to corporate applications accessible via web browsers or smart phones (HTTP/S), to thick client apps deployed on Windows desktops (RDP/VNC), and to terminal sessions on *nix servers (SSH).
Strong Encryption
All access enabled through Enterprise Application Access is encrypted using AES256 encryption over TLS-1.2, ensuring that no confidential data is exposed to prying eyes on the network.
Accelerated Application Delivery
Enterprise Application Access natively employs a variety of acceleration techniques, including TCP optimization and data compression, which results in a significantly improved end user experience.
Comprehensive Enterprise Directory Integration
Enterprise Application Access customers can leverage a variety of user directories and identity providers (IDPs) to authenticate users. Companies can leverage user identities stored in Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and other LDAP based directories. Customers can also leverage SAML2.0 based IDPs such as Okta, PingOne, OneLogin and Shibboleth, or OpenID based IDPs such as Google for user identity validation. Additionally, Enterprise Application Access customers can leverage the natively available Enterprise Application Access Directory for user identity management.
Self-Service, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Security teams can ensure stronger authentication policies by enforcing an easy-to-use MFA model for end users. With a single click of a button, all end users can be guided through a self-service wizard to help them configure additional authentication factors. Customers can choose one or all of the following policies: 1) SMS-based token receipt; 2) email-based token receipt; and a 3) time based one-time password (TOTP) option that can be configured to work with smartphone applications such as Google Authenticator or Duo Security.
Seamless, Single Sign-On (SSO)
Enterprise Application Access delivers a superior, end-user experience by transparently forwarding end user identity state to applications. The result is an SSO experience across all applications such that users authenticate once and access apps with a click of a button. Enterprise Application Access features comprehensive support for SSO with native integration for Kerberos, NTLM, BASIC, SAML2.0, Authentication headers, and more.
Granular Access Control
Easily configure access control policies through Enterprise Application Access. Policies can be defined based on user identity, group membership, access method, geo-location, and several other factors.
Full-Featured, Server Load Balancing Capabilities
In addition to enabling secure access to applications, customers can leverage Enterprise Application Access to balance traffic load across a group of servers. Further, the service can be configured to monitor the health for each application server and apply a variety of load balancing policies that can meet every application need.
Detailed Auditing & Reporting
All access activity to and from applications secured by Enterprise Application Access is securely archived and available through the Enterprise Application Access Management Portal or through a secure API. Additionally, companies can choose to stream all access data from Enterprise Application Access into their SIEM tools, e.g. Splunk or Logstash.
Deploy Once, Consume Anywhere
Enterprise Application Access provides a single management interface for applications deployed in multiple locations. In less than 30 minutes, companies can enable secure access to applications deployed in private clouds, e.g. VMware or OpenStack, or on public clouds, e.g. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute or IBM Softlayer.