Enterprise Application Access Overview
The risks of punching holes in your firewall
Delivering applications to external partners, contractors, and other third parties, is too complex. For IT and security teams, it can take weeks or months to secure an internal application and make it available to users on the Internet.

The pain? To let external users in, you have to punch a hole through your network perimeter and configure security appliances to keep the bad stuff from coming through. At a minimum, it is a complex, error-prone task that often requires coordination across multiple IT and security teams. Even then, the risks from Internet attacks, malware on user devices, and stolen credentials pose constant threats.
Take your application OFF the Internet
Akamai Enterprise Application Access delivers a radically new way of providing secure access as-a-service that eliminates the need for you to punch holes in your network perimeter. Instead, your users access applications through Enterprise Application Access, which stops and secures the user’s access far outside your network. With Enterprise Application Access, there is no direct path to your applications – they don’t even have publicly accessible IP addresses. Instead, Enterprise Application Access dials out a secure, mutually authenticated, TLS connection from within your network or cloud and brings the application to the user.
Inherently better security
Because there are no tunnels, there is no path for malware to land inside your network and spread to sensitive or privileged systems. Enterprise Application Access stops all user connections in the cloud, terminating them on secure proxies, while applying strong authentication and security controls. You can even loop in your own security controls for increased protection of highly sensitive applications. 
Easy for your users, easy for you, exceptional user experience
Enterprise Application Access makes accessing applications fast and intuitive for your end users. Forget the support calls for poor application performance, VPN connectivity issues, and device incompatibilities. Enterprise Application Access optimizes your applications, and presents them in a browser on any user device. And with enterprise-grade single-sign-on, and intelligent multi-factor authentication, security is no longer a burden for users or for you.
Pre-Integrated with your infrastructure
Enterprise networks are complex, but not a problem for Enterprise Application Access. With one-click integrations with Active Directory, SAML providers, CDNs, forward proxies, SIEM tools, and other infrastructures, Enterprise Application Access eliminates custom scripting and integration that plagues traditional appliance deployment. Scaling your apps and deploying them across public and private infrastructures is a snap with built-in high-availability capabilities, server load balancing, and automatic application routing.