Strong Multi-Factor Authentication
In addition to a username and password, Enterprise Application Access provides instant multi-factor authentication for any application – without the integration headache.
Multifactor authentication (MFA) is quickly being adopted as a standard to provide an extra level of authentication and safety based on something you have (a token), something you are (biometrics), and even environmental factors (time of day, geolocation, etc.) The general challenge from an IT implementation perspective is that adding 2FA/MFA requires development, testing and on-going maintenance to:

• Provide additional hardware management (key fobs), including replacement
• Additional setup (user/device integration, delivery, training)
• API integration and development work for each application
The Risk: Account compromise due to theft or loss of hardware tokens
By providing a secondary user validation using native 2FA/MFA for all applications, Enterprise Application Access provides an uncomplicated way to add an additional layer of security without the need for additional hardware or application-by-application development effort. EAA makes adding 2FA/MFA simple, secure and convenient.
Simple, Secure Remote Access
Enterprise Application Access has changed the game for remote access, using a secure cloud to provide a new and better way to solve the pain for applications hosted in data centers and hybrid cloud environments. Approaching the problem in a fundamentally different way, Enterprise Application Access delivers access to applications, without providing third parties access to your entire network. With Enterprise Application Access, you get a centralized managed solution that does not require external hardware or software. Managing and controlling third party access becomes simple and uncluttered. And with the elimination of complexity comes fundamentally better security.
Putting You Back in Control
Enterprise Application Access Cloud removes the chronic pain suffered by IT teams associated with managing third-party access. It is easy to deploy, provision, change and monitor. Enterprise Application Access removes all the complexity; no device software, no software upgrades or updates, and no additional hardware. As a central point of entry and control, it provides a single management pane