Privileged User Access

Providing privileged and admin users secure access anywhere, anytime in data center and hybrid cloud environments 

The Problem

IT administrators and other “Privileged Users” have elevated license levels and extensive access to the data and services that run on the infrastructure they manage. As part of their responsibilities, IT administrators are required to install and update software, maintain system configurations, manage user permissions, develop and implement policy, and much more.

Badged EmployeePrivileged users pose a unique challenge for the organizations they serve. With greater access to a company’s network, the privileged user can be a security enforcer, but also its greatest security risk. In many cases, teams of administrators oversee these responsibilities and, as a result, share administrative credentials. But even a well-intentioned privileged user can pose a higher risk. For example, when a system administrator clicks on a malicious link, it’s far more likely to do company-wide damage than if a regular user without elevated access clicks on the same link.

While the possible risks posed by privileged users get a lot of attention, the day-to-day challenges of administering remote systems is significant. With admins now expected to provide global coverage across the Internet and Cloud, providing secure access has become a complex, time-consuming process.

To enable privileged user access, enterprises have trusted virtual private networks (VPNs) for providing secure access to their local and remote facilities. However, VPNs have a number of shortcomings:

  • Complexity: Deploying, managing and maintaining VPNs is cumbersome, and because approval is often cross-organizational boundaries, they can take weeks to implement.
  • Cost: CapEx associated with acquiring, deploying, managing and maintaining VPN hardware is significant.
  • Reliability: Slow connections and unacceptable latency make using VPNs undesirable and negatively impact productivity.

The Soha Cloud Solution

Soha Systems delivers a radical new security approach for applications hosted in the data center and cloud that is more secure, simpler to deploy, and lower cost than existing solutions.

Our service, Soha Cloud, is the industry’s only Cloud DMZ service that creates an air gap between your organization’s infrastructure and the Internet, minimizing your attack surface and making your applications invisible to the public. Unlike existing network security appliances and access methods, Soha Cloud enables companies to lock down all inbound access to their infrastructure while isolating access to specific applications.

Soha Cloud is an integrated, globally distributed service. We eliminate the time and complexity of building an access solution out of component parts. And we can be deployed in every kind of data center or hybrid cloud infrastructure in minutes.

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