Strengthen Remote Access
Network Security
VPNs have been the de facto solution for enabling strong security access to enterprise applications for 20+ years. But VPNs have several serious security drawbacks.

VPNs give devices – and their users – full network access privileges whether they need it or not. 63% of all network breaches can be traced to third party access playing a role in the breach. Beyond this, there is another unintended consequence: malware may be infested on users’ devices. If those devices gain network access over the VPN, the malware may start looking for vulnerabilities within any other server on the network. Instead, if only application level access is granted, the malware’s attack surface is naturally constrained.

Enterprise Application Access delivers a new fresh approach for remote access to applications hosted in data centers and hybrid cloud environments, with a a unique alternative to traditional remote access technologies offering less complexity. And less complexity leads to stronger security.

With Enterprise Application Access, no one can get to applications directly because they are hidden from the Internet and public exposure. Our dual-cloud architecture closes all inbound firewall ports while providing authenticated end users access to only their specific applications.

Enterprise Application Access integrates data path protection, identity access, application security and management visibility and control into a single service. You can protect against stolen credentials, add multi-factor and two-factor and control who gets access and authorization. Any directory you use, we support – even legacy systems.
Enterprise Application Access Secures your Enterprise
• Zero open ports on your edge firewall
• Attack surface moved to Akamai cloud
• Minimize unauthorized access by authenticating users outside your infrastructure
• Application infrastructure “hidden” from bad guys
• Application access limits exposure to other applications and network resources
• Keeping users off your network, providing access only to apps