Restrict Third Party Access
It is essential that outside contractors and suppliers have access to specific internal applications to be productive. Today, this usually means giving them VPN access.  It also means the IT staff must jump through hoops with respect to network, device, software and policy-related configuration and management tasks to securely enable that access. But any kind of third party access creates additional points of entry to an organization’s network, increasing the overall risk that critical corporate information – proprietary documents or customer data – could fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, abuse of third party access accounts for a majority of breaches today.
The Challenge: Third Party Access is Painfully Complex
Why is this the case? The growth of third-party suppliers and contractors accessing corporate applications, together with the skyrocketing growth of data breaches caused by third parties, has also lead to massive, untenable operational demands on IT, network and security teams. From network hardware and software, to device software, to directories, to user provisioning and de-provisioning, security, etc., IT has to touch many moving parts to ensure third parties can access the applications their jobs require. Deploying, configuring and maintaining secure access is a chronic pain.
Pain-Free Third Party Access
Akamai’s Enterprise Application Access turned third party access on its head, using a secure cloud to provide a new and better way to solve the pain for applications hosted in data centers and hybrid cloud environments. Approaching the problem in a fundamentally different way, Enterprise Application Access delivers access to applications, without providing third parties access to your entire network. With Enterprise Application Access, you get a centralized managed solution that does not require external hardware or software. Managing and controlling third party access becomes simple and uncluttered. And with the elimination of complexity comes fundamentally better security.
Putting You Back in Control
Enterprise Application Access removes the chronic pain suffered by IT teams associated with managing third-party access. Enterprise Application Access is easy to deploy, provision, change and monitor. It removes all the complexity; no device software, no software upgrades or updates, and no additional hardware. As a central point of entry and control, Enterprise Application Access provides a single management pane for detailed audit, visibility, control and compliance reporting. The result is painless secure third party access.