VDI as a Service
Today, enterprises are providing access to their applications in much the same way they did twenty years ago. But, with growing mobile workforces, clod applications and global enterprise ecosystems accessing thousands of on-premise and cloud based applications and resources, how can enterprises provide secure remote application access to employees, customers, and partners? Old school VPNs, proxies and remote desktop technologies are complex, require device-specific software, and software / hardware behind the firewall. The complexity and additional resources required create added risk and work for IT. Additionally, the software and maintenance can be expensive and difficult to manage and control.
VDI and access delivered together as a service
Akamai Enterprise Application Access, the innovator in VDI and access delivered as a service, brings a radical new access approach. With its cloud-based architecture, Enterprise Application Access enables access to applications hosted in data centers and hybrid cloud environments that is more secure, simpler to deploy, and lower cost than traditional solutions. Enterprise Application Access locks down all inbound firewall ports while providing end users access to only their specific applications without VPNs. In contrast, VPNs provide overly broad network-wide access, giving entrée to applications and compute infrastructure beyond a typical user’s requirements.
A secure access delivery model that enables a zero CapEx, low OpEx model
Enterprise Application Access separates an organization’s infrastructure from the Internet, minimizes the application attack surface and hides applications from public Internet exposure. It also integrates data path protection, identity access, application security and management visibility and control into a single solution. Soha Cloud can be deployed as an application’s first line of defense in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of build-it-yourself solutions. The result is a secure access delivery model that enables a zero CapEx, low OpEx model for critical workloads deployed in any environment.

Employees and third party vendors like Soha because it is easy and safe for them. All they need to do is log on with their username and password. No more special software, mobile challenges or special computers and access protocols. Soha is simpler and more secure for everyone.